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RA guns d.o.o. is based in Celje City, Slovenia. The company specializes in production of high-quality pre-charged pneumatic air rifles (PCP) under the brand “Jæger” and airsoft and pneumatic replicas of centerfire rifles. The pre-charged air rifles are available in 4,5mm, 5,5mm and 6,35mm calibers. The replicas are available in 4,5mm and 6mm calibers.

Every Jæger rifle undergoes a rigorous testing to ensure consistent  velocity of a fired projectile and accuracy up to 50m. The testing is conducted by certified personnel and all test data are logged for QD purposes. All rifles are assembled in accordance with same quality standards each and every time.


Each rifle is specifically designed to provide consistent performance over time and to ensure structural integrity, accuracy and muzzle velocity irregardless of environment. Our products have generated a substantial amount of positive feedback from our customers.

  +44 7937 257769