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Jæger 5,5 XPR (Code: )

Jæger 5,5 XPR – equipped with a regulator. Maximum achievable muzzle energy under optimal air consumption and acceptable grouping is approximately 40-45 Joules. Best results are achieved with JSB Exact 5,5 1.04 gr (optimal velocity from 270 to 300 m/s up to 50 shots with 200 bar in the air tank) and JSB Exact 5,5 Heavy 1.17 gr (optimal velocity 270-285 m/s up to 40 shots with 200 bar in the air tank). These projectiles group under 20-22 mm at 50 m. On average, factory tests produce groups of 15-18 mm. Bullet velocity adjustment is achieved by rotation of main spring screw. For increasing power to 50 joules a regulator re-adjustment is needed which could be easily performed in a workshop. The range of reservoir operating pressure is 300-120 bar. Stable shooting is achievable until 110-120 atm.


Caliber, mm


Barrel length, mm. Barrel with a choke


Barrel length in carbine version, mm


Barrel length in bullpup version, mm


Reservoir capacity, cm3


Capacity of a magazine, pellets


Maximum air pressure in a reservoir, kg/cm2, not more than


Testing hydraulic reservoir pressure, kg/cm2, not less than


Regulator adjustment pressure, kg/cm2

135 - 140

Weight in a carbine/bullpup version, kg


Effective shooting distance, m

to 130


Each set includes a silencer, a magazine, a platform for shooting without a magazine, socket for compressed air, a set of spare parts (o-rings) and accessories.

Price: 10.00 EUR
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